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Dave's Gear Page > Co-founder, songwriter, musician, producer Iona / 1989-present
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Photos by Jonathan Mark, Joe del Tufo, Monica Duffels, Chris Sands, Lutz Diehl, Janien Kommer, Tim Martindale, Tim Ostendorf, Christopher Nehls & Jean-Daniel Lerber
B orn in Darlington in the north east of England, and from a musical family, Dave began piano lessons at the age of 8 and guitar lessons from his dad at 13. He joined his first band 'Exodus' at the age of 14 - "We all liked Genesis at the time, hence the name - it seemed like the next best thing!"

Dave subsequently studied at the Leeds College of Music, gaining several performance awards (including BBC Radio 2 Best Jazz Soloist Award). At college he also developed a deep interest in recording and synthesizers, particularly through work with college bands 'The Leeds Synthonia' and the 'Hyperspace Rock Orchestra' (the members of which, under the guidance of a rather eccentric college teacher, used to perform concerts dressed in Roman style togas!).

Since then his musical career has involved composing, recording, performing, producing, arranging and teaching.

After an unsuccessful attempt to launch a 'progressive rock' band called 'Plan B' with his sister in 1981 (the era of electro pop!), Dave went on to play guitar in jazz fusion band 'Sound Effect', which featured on keys Paul Birchall (currently keyboard player with Heather Smalls, Combination Head and The Snake Davis Band). In 1982 Dave simultaneously joined jazz fusion pioneer Gary Boyle's band as well the soul band 'Snake Davis and the Alligator Shoes' (later 'The Suspicions'), playing keys in both bands. In the mid 1980's to early 1990's, due to his association with the 'Norman Beaker' band, Dave was very active on the UK Blues scene. With the Norman Beaker band, Dave backed many visiting UK, US and European blues artists, both 'live' and on recordings for the 'Paul Jones Blues Show' on BBC Radio 2, including; Jack Bruce, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Paul Jones, Pete Brown, Phil Guy, Lowell Fulson, Lurrie Bell, Cary Bell, Rockin' Sidney, Guitar Shorty (Jimi Hendrix brother-in-law!), Louisiana Red, Colin Hodgkinson, Tony McPhee, Chris Farlowe, Herbie Goins, Fenton Robinson, Johnny Mars, Mick Abrahams, Ted Hawkins, Helen Watson, Angela Brown etc.

Dave has also played keyboards with blues legend Buddie Guy and in 1990 was one of the nominees in the category of 'Instrumentalist of the Year' in the British Blues Connections awards.

Whilst still at college in Leeds Dave, through a mutual friend, met up with singer/songwriter Adrian Snell, whom he had long admired. The result was a working partnership (many concerts, album co-production and musical direction) that spanned the next 8 years from 1982 to 1990 and through which he would first meet Joanne Hogg and David Fitzgerald. In 2007 Dave worked again with Adrian, on keyboards, acoustic guitar and sound design for the world premier of Adrian's 'The Cry' at St Paul's Cathedral - an event sponsored by Save the Children featuring a 17 piece orchestra, several solo singers and a 160 piece choir.

Dave co-founded with the band's former woodwind player, David Fitzgerald, in the summer of 1989 with Joanne Hogg joining soon after Dave and David's first 'duo' gig as . As well as playing guitars and keys with Iona, behind the scenes Dave has produced all the bands albums to date and also mixed the latest album 'Another Realm' in his own Open Sky studio.

Dave's first solo album 'Veil of Gossamer' was released in June 2004 to critical acclaim and includes a number of guest appearances, including Mae McKenna, Racheal Cohen (formerly Jones, of The Reasoning) and Joanne Hogg on vocals.

He has collaborated on several duo projects include 'The Eye of the Eagle' (cd & dvd) with David Fitzgerald (1998), 'From Silence' (cd & dvd) with Troy Donockley (2004), 'When World's Collide' also with Troy Donockley (2005) and his most recent reunion with old friend David Fitzgerald, the evocative 'Life Journey' (2009).

In 2008 Dave briefly formed his own band 'Open Sky' with Gabriel Alonso (percussion and drums), Andrea Alonso (vocals, flute), Steve Lawson (basses, loops) and Andy Green (keys, vocals) and played several concerts in the UK, performing material from 'Veil of Gossamer' as well as new material and some tracks. In the same year he collaborated with classical guitarist Nick Fletcher, recording and producing Nick's album 'Cathedral of Dreams (2009)'. The album features 'Iberian Fantasy' a guitar concerto co-written by Dave and Nick. Tracks from this album have been featured on Classic FM.

He has worked with many other artists including: Gloria Gaynor, Paul Jones, Phil Keaggy, Michael Ball (string arranging), Soulful Terrain, and (through his work as producer) Moya Brennan (Clannad) and Robert Fripp.

Dave's music has been heard on numerous TV programmes and he has written the soundtracks for numerous short films, most recently 'Petrified' (2011) (CGI animated comedy short), 'Man from the Moon', 'Remember to Smile', 'Going Up' (all 2011 'Straight 8' competition entries). Over the past 3 years he has written, recorded and mixed in 5.1 surround sound around 16 short films for a major multi-national company for showing in their iMax cinema.

Dave has produced and/or mixed albums for several other artists including Joanne's solo album 'Looking into Light', albums by Adrian Snell, The Kairos Ensemble, The Pete James Trio, Nick Fletcher, Kingsway Music.

Debbie and Dave Bainbridge run Iona's own label and his own Open Sky recording studio and occasionally play together in Christian worship events. Dave also occasionally plays with jazz/improvisation artists 'Fairclough & Youell' along with virtuoso bassist & guitarist Fred T Baker. Their debut album 'Momentarily' was recently released.

Dave is currently working on the follow up to 'Veil of Gossamer', which is projected to be released towards the end of 2012.

'Veil of Gossamer' reviews:

'To my ears this is the most successful album of this type since Mike Oldfield's masterpiece Ommadawn. Stunning.' - Sept 2004

'...a sonic masterpiece...Bainbridge has given us what is in my humble opinion one of the best albums ever to be recorded.....some of the best music that he has ever written Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock August 2004.'

'Bainbridge's guitar playing is superb; his electric solos conjure Eric Johnson and Allan Holdsworth, while his acoustic technique dazzles, thanks to a remarkable dexterity and the use of unusual tunings.... ....Looking deeper, the music is genuinely touching, possessing a spiritual quality that speaks to the soul and inspires various states of positivity, from peaceful tranquility to breathless exhilaration. Layers of wordless vocals - courtesy of Joanne Hogg (Iona), Rachel Jones (Karnataka), and Mae McKenna - and McKenna's heartfelt renderings of Gaelic hymns (in the original language) lend an ethereal, otherworldly quality to much of Veil of Gossamer.....Best of 2004, hands down.' August 2004

'Albums of this quality are a rare thing and make life and music absolutely worthwhile. Besides the outstanding compositions and musicians, the production is flawless and the artwork fits the theme of the music as if the artist knew the story (which wasn't the case!). So, an absolutely amazing album, filled with nothing but beauty, beauty we all need in our lives, whether we admit it or not.' August 2004

'I fear that my words might not do justice to the haunting and beautiful guitar that opens The Everlasting Hills (part 1); or misses the beauty of the vocals accompanied by Troy Donockley's Uilleann Pipes in (part 2)......Veil of Gossamer is a truly wonderful album combining the best of Iona's Celtic atmospheres along with some splendid guitar work from Dave Bainbridge, and great performances from the assembled cast.' Holland Sept 2004

Sitting here stunned after my first full listen to Veil of Gossamer, I've not the command of words to convey the true gratitude to Dave Bainbridge for what has instantly become one of my favorite recordings of all time. Kenneth L. Solomon - Progressive Soundscapes Radio August 2004.
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26th April 2016

MAP project!!
Jo here at Lingfield Suite, Kingston upon Thames.

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18th April 2016

And here's an A5 leaflet for the forthcoming Dave & Sally 'Iona Music and More' gigs - please forward to anyone you think might like to come along. Hope some of you can make it too!

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17th April 2016

Here's an A5 leaflet for the September Celestial Fire gigs, featuring Dave and Frank from Iona. Please forward to anyone you think might like to come! We're still hoping to add a gig in the north-west if we can find a venue/promoter - anyone have any ideas?! We'll be including some rarely played Iona tracks in the set! (BTW thanks to Rowena K Davies, Craig Walker and Ray Tyler for you nice comments which we've used on the leaflet!

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8th April 2016

Just confirmed IONA will be doing their first gig for over a year, at a festival in Ostrava in the Czech Republic on 11th of June, 2016. The band will be onstage at 20:45 at Msgre Sramek Square, Ostrava town centre
- Info-Phone: + 420 776 116 440
- Web address promoter:
- Pre-Sale / Contact:

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8th April 2016

Great news - the download version of Dave's solo piano album 'The Remembering' is now available to purchase at

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5th April 2016

Tickets are now on sale for the Dave Bainbridge and Sally Minnear 'Iona Music and More' concert at the Megacentre, Rayleigh in Essex on 2nd July. This is a brilliant, small theatre venue and we're really looking forward to returning after last year's great concert there. Hope some of you can make it along.

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2nd April 2016

Dave here! Honoured to be part of such a great gig line up at Folk in the Barn - support live music and get along to some of these great gigs if you're in the Canterbury area!

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29th March 2016

Hi everyone - Dave here! Tickets are now on sale for the Dave Bainbridge and Sally Minnear 'An Evening of Iona Music and More' gig on 1st July in Barham, near Canterbury. See and follow the ticket link and please share with anyone you think might like to come along!

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27th March 2016

Matthew 12.21
"Jesus Christ.. He is the HOPE of the nations."
Romans 15.13
" may God of hope fill your hearts with joy and peace so that you may overflow with hope in the power of the Holy Spirit..."
Jo wishing you a hope filled Easter on behalf of Iona.

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15th March 2016

Hi Everyone,
Dave here! Please check out my new website! This is not intended to replace the other Iona / Dave Bainbridge sites, but to work in tandem, and be somewhere I can easily and quickly update things myself. This is also the place to find out more about the Celestial Fire band and the Dave & Sally duo. Have a look and please join the mailing list if you're not already receiving updates from us.

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14th March 2016

First review of Dave's solo piano album The Remembering has just been published! See

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13th March 2016

Exciting news: Dave's cds for his new solo piano album 'The Remembering' have arrived at the Open Sky Records office. Includes piano versions of two Iona tracks. Get your copy from Iona website.

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17th February 2016

Anyone who hasn't visited the Iona website recently and has missed any of our news items, we're happy to say that the News Feed which went down last June (thanks to Facebook changing how it worked), is now active again. All of the entries from now right back to then are there, so have a look in case you've missed any of the photos/videos/info we've been posting.

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8th February 2016

Dave here! I'll be in practice mode over the next 3 or 4 days, for the Dave and Sally 'Iona music and More' gig on Friday (hope some of you can make it along - details below!).

Meanwhile - the artwork for my solo piano album 'The Remembering' is almost finished and then the album will be going to the manufacturers - so the release is getting close! You can pre-order it at

Dave Bainbridge & Sally Minnear - 'An Evening of Iona music and more...'.
Friday 12th February, 2016
St John's Church
Farncombe, GU7 3EJ, UK
Doors: 19:00
Price: £14.00 adv, £17.00 on door
Tickets & further info from
01483 421520

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1st February 2016

Coming up very soon - Friday, February 12th in Farncombe near Guildford, UK, 'An Evening of Iona music and More', with Iona co-founder Dave Bainbridge and Sally Minnear. Tickets available now! Hope some of you can make it along.

Friday 12th February, 2016
St John's Church
Farncombe, GU7 3EJ, UK
Doors: 19:00
Price: £14.00 adv, £17.00 on door
Tickets & further info from
01483 421520

Here are some comments from previous Dave and Sally gigs:

"Thank you Dave and Sally for a brilliant gig in Rayleigh last night. Your guitar playing is a wonder to behold and the guitar tone sounds amazing. Sally sung beautifully and did the songs proud."

“We can't remember a more enjoyable concert - wow what two gifted musicians!!!"

“Thank you very much for a beautiful evening and your exquisite music rare cherished sounds of heaven on earth.”

“I'm not sure I have the words to say how much I enjoyed every moment - Sally (what a voice!) and Dave were a joy to work with and absolutely fantastic throughout. As for the gig one word - Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!”

“A real touch and taste of heaven – gorgeous sounds under blue skies in a stunning, friendly and intimate setting. All four of us found it a truly memorable and refreshing oasis in busy times. We're smiling just thinking about it!”

"Dave Bainbridge and Sally Minnear were amazing tonight, thank you for coming down and sharing your talent with us."

"A fantastic evening listening ( & dancing) to Dave Bainbridge & Sally Minnear at Llanelidan…"

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9th January 2016

Dave's new solo piano album 'The Remembering' has been mastered and long term Iona engineer/mixer Nigel Palmer has done a brilliant job, bringing real clarity to the sound and tying the mixes together to create an involving, engaging listening experience. Thanks Nigel!

Now we could really do with some more pre-sales to finish off the artwork and pay for the manufacturing so we can get it out there asap! If you're thinking of getting it, pre-ordering really helps as we have no record company backing - thanks! (btw there will also be a download version available when the cd is released).

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4th January 2016

Dave here! Just over a month before the next 'Iona Music and More...' Dave Bainbridge & Sally Minnear gig - hope some of you can make it along! (please share poster with anyone you think might like to come along!). We'll be playing some Iona favourites plus, er...more!

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3rd January 2016

Jo again!! How could I forget to add in Franks photo !!! Just not Iona without the fabulous Frank 😄 .... And then there was the cave session too !!

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4th January 2016

Jo here just sharing a few musical highlights and memories from 2015. Iona in Germany and a house concert in Virginia for me ( duet with Katie Boyd !).

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2nd January 2016

Dave here. As well as wishing everyone a (slightly belated!) happy new year, here's a reminder that you can pre-order my new solo piano album "The Remembering' now at
The more pre-orders we get in the quicker we can get the album out! (btw it should say 2016 on there).
Check out the link to hear extracts from all the tracks.

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27th December 2015

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Christmas!

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25th December 2015

IONA WEBSITE PROBLEM SOLVED NOW - SITE IS ONLINE AGAIN - thanks to our great webmaster Tim Ostendorf!

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21st December 2015

It appears the Iona website is down! - anyone wanting to pre-order the new Dave Bainbridge piano album on the Iona webstore please try again later when hopefully the problem will be fixed.

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21st February 2016

EMANUEL .... God with us
So much turmoil and chaos in the global context, and truthfully, few of us escape a degree of personal chaos, some of it beyond our control....and some of it self-inflicted. Thankfully, We have Emanuel, Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever..( Hebrews 13:8)......the constant in my chaos)
Here's a demo recording with Gwyneth Reid on cello of a new song. Maybe one for future band recording /performance.
This is Jo on behalf of Iona, Wishing you a peaceful and blessed Christmas.

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16th December 2015

Great news! Thanks to our brilliant webmaster Tim Ostendorf, my new solo piano album 'The Remembering' is now available to pre-order from the Iona webstore! Go to
where you can check out samples of all the tracks. Pre-ordering will help us to pay for the cd mastering/manufacturing and artwork completion. We hope to have it available early spring or sooner if we can! - Dave

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28th January 2016

Can you believe it's almost Christmas again! -

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6th December 2015

Come along and hear Iona music and more! Please forward to anyone you think might like to come along. It's a great venue - should be a great night! (Dave)

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5th December 2015

The special album offers still available at !!

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4th December 2015

Hi everyone, Dave here! Just confirmed! Another duo date with Sally Minnear on our Evening of Iona Music and More tour. Hope some of you can make it along!

Tickets now on sale online:
Dave Bainbridge & Sally Minnear - An Evening of Iona music and More....on Fri 12th Feb, 2016
at Farncombe St John's Church (near Guildford, Surrey, UK)
Doors: 19:00
Price: £14.00

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3rd December 2015

Yesterday I meant to write a post and attach a photo..... Instead , I posted a photo and attached a caption! I'm still not an expert with devices. So here's the post.....
Psalm 139: 7-10
" Is there anywhere God I could be separated from Your Spirit, or lost from Your presence? If I ride out on the wings of the morning, into the highest heavens or the deepest depths, out upon the ocean waves or the remotest lands.....You are there and I am never hidden from Your sight...."
Emmanuel...God with us.

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