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Photos by Monica Duffels, Joop van der Elst, Mike Anders, Lutz Diehl, Paul Heffer, Dave Bainbridge & Henk Oosting (
J oanne was born in Ballymena, Northern Ireland shortly after her parents returned from India where they had worked as missionaries for 13 years. She has 5 siblings, all health care professionals and all with musical tendencies, nurtured in a home environment that was rarely without the sound of music being played or sung. Joanne started piano lessons at the age of 10 and continued for four years until it became difficult to find piano teachers in the rural area where they lived. Her early childhood was lived in the County Antrim town of Randalstown, and for the remainder of her school and university years up until she married in 1985, the town of Magherafelt, County Derry, was her home.

Joanne began attending Queen's University Belfast to study medicine in 1981. After her third year at Queen's, she received information through the post about a summer music and arts event in DeBron, Holland called Christian Artists which she thought would be an interesting experience, little did she know it was going to change her life! When Joanne arrived in Holland, she discovered that unknown to her, someone had entered her into the talent evaluation session.

At Christian Artists, she came into contact with well known contemporary Christian musician Adrian Snell who encouraged her and asked her to send him a demo tape which she later did. Joanne was also heard singing at the talent evaluation by a staff worker for Youth For Christ (YFC), Denmark who immediately invited her to work with them for a year doing schools ministry work. Once back in Ireland she persuaded the Dean of the faculty to allow her to take an unconventional "year out" and work with (YFC) in Denmark. During the school term months of September to June, she traveled throughout the country visiting schools and colleges giving solo concerts and talking to students about music, faith, and the cultural aspects of life as a student in the politically charged environment of Northern Ireland. Too much talking and singing resulted in Joanne developing nodules on her vocal chords and the prospect of singing as a career looked highly unlikely.

After returning to Northern Ireland in the summer of 1985, Joanne married Stephen and returned to university to complete her medical degree. In early 1986 Adrian Snell, hugely impressed by the demo Jo had given him months earlier, invited her to record a solo vocal track on his landmark 'Alpha and Omega' project. As a result of her involvement with this, Joanne was introduced to Dave Bainbridge and David Fitzgerald who also met during the recording of the same album. Several months after the release of 'Alpha and Omega' Adrian asked Jo to join the Swiss leg of the 'A & O' tour on which she sang her solo track and also played an opening set of her own songs. Dave and David were also on the tour with Adrian and all got on very well together.

She graduated from university in 1987 and worked as a junior doctor in the Belfast City Hospital to complete her registration. Six months into the job, Joanne became ill and was unable to work for 7 months. She recovered sufficiently to resume her post and completed her registration, but once that was achieved, she took medical advice not to continue in full time work for the remainder of that year. During this period of convalescence, she was contacted by Dave Bainbridge and David Fitzgerald who were beginning to think about the possibility of forming a band. They felt that Joanne, as both a vocalist, musician and writer, would work well with the instrumental duo. In 1989 (the band) began their long history and is now in it's 22nd year.

During this time Joanne has sung with throughout Europe, and in the USA and Japan. The band has just released their seventh studio recording, a double album entitled "Another Realm". They have also produced several live recordings.

Joanne's voice has been featured on many other Christian albums, including several New Irish Hymns recordings (with Clannad's Moya Brennan) and the Celtic Expressions series, and has been heard by millions across the world singing on the soundtrack for a Sony Playstation game called "Xenogears"! She has sung on numerous television broadcasts throughout the past 15 years, including many appearances on BBC's "Songs of Praise" programme. Her most recent TV performance was on BBC Northern Ireland's series entitled "My Wee World" which included contributions from the children of primary schools across the province, including Jo's two boys Isaac and Ethan and their classmates. The song featured on the programme was entitled "Into Your Dreams", from Jo's album "Raphael's Journey" (see later notes).

Joanne's first solo album release was in 1999, entitled "Looking Into Light" (Later re-released as 'Celtic Hymns - Looking into Light'). This project was inspired by a suggestion made by Joanne's father to record an album of hymns. It was only after the sudden death of her mother in February 1997 that she felt the urge to begin working on tracks for the album that would be dedicated to her father. Some of the hymns selected had strong associations with her family's past, while some were chosen for their Celtic melodic qualities as well as their powerful lyrics. Joanne also selected some lesser known hymn lyrics and wrote original melodies to sing them to. The album featured contributions from members of Iona, past and present, from Joanne's three sisters, and also atmospheric sounds recorded in a sea cave in Donegal. The album was beautifully produced by Dave Bainbridge and is currently available as part of a double box set from Kingsway Music.

In 2001, after many years of waiting, Joanne and Stephen had their first child, Isaac. A year and a half later his brother Ethan was born. Busy home life, the death of her father after a prolonged illness, and also major surgery for Joanne meant that the band's activity was restricted during the next few years, although it didn't completely grind to a halt. produced two more excellent albums, "Open Sky" and "The Circling Hour", but things lost momentum for a variety of reasons. Not surprisingly, as a mother, Joanne began considering the idea of recording a lullaby project. After experiencing the early years of parenting however, she came to the conclusion that exhausted, stressed out adults were in greater need of "lullabies" than most kids are. In 2006, Joanne together with Frank Van Essen as producer, began work on a project to create and record music that would convey a sense of peace, beauty and comfort and enable listeners to rest and maybe even to fall asleep. In 2008, "Raphael's Journey" was released as a download only, but was sadly under-promoted with only a few hundred sales. In 2010, CD's of the album were finally manufactured and are now available from Iona's website and at gigs. The profits from this recording will be donated to several organisations that seek to alleviate the suffering of children in extreme poverty.

Also in 2008, Joanne recorded and released an album called "Personal" through Kingsway Music. As the title suggests, the album is a reflective consideration of her own spiritual journey, and is intimate, worshipful and acoustic in style. It was recorded in Nashville in three days and produced by John Hartley and Derri Dogherty. It is very different in style to and shows another side to Joanne as a singer and songwriter. The album features the distinctive drumming and percussion playing of past member Terl Bryant. This album is currently available form Kingsway Music as part of a double box set together with "Looking Into Light" (1999).

Now with a renewed vision, momentum and enthusiasm, Joanne continues to record and tour with and is an active member of Causeway Coast Vineyard church in Coleraine, where she has just completed a 9 month course in their Encounter School of Mission.

Jo has been voted 'Best Female Vocalist' by the 'Classic Rock Society' on three occasions.


"Joanne Hogg is possessed of a beautiful voice somewhere between Maire Brennan and Julianne Regan ... which sends shivers down the spine."
Rock 'n Reel

"Joanne Hogg's voice in particular is spectacular."
Q Magazine

"Hogg's amazing, ethereal voice supported by incredible musicianship carries her gifts without overpowering them ... 'Looking into Light' is a treasure not to be missed."

"The unique, angelic and crystal clear voice of Joanne Hogg....possibly without equal among contemporary rock vocalists."
Metal Hammer (Poland)
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25th May 2016

So, what Iona song was connected to rowing, and what album was it on??
There's a clue in the video 😄

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23rd May 2016

Czech Republic June 11 th.
It's been a year since our last gig. Time flies when you're busy! It's a rare sunny blue sky day here in Ireland so I've made a quick little video for you. Lots of bluebells in the background. They've finally appeared...... better late than never 😄 ( from Jo)

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26th April 2016

MAP project!!
Jo here at Lingfield Suite, Kingston upon Thames.

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18th April 2016

And here's an A5 leaflet for the forthcoming Dave & Sally 'Iona Music and More' gigs - please forward to anyone you think might like to come along. Hope some of you can make it too!

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18th May 2016

Here's an A5 leaflet for the September Celestial Fire gigs, featuring Dave and Frank from Iona. Please forward to anyone you think might like to come! We're still hoping to add a gig in the north-west if we can find a venue/promoter - anyone have any ideas?! We'll be including some rarely played Iona tracks in the set! (BTW thanks to Rowena K Davies, Craig Walker and Ray Tyler for you nice comments which we've used on the leaflet!

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8th April 2016

Just confirmed IONA will be doing their first gig for over a year, at a festival in Ostrava in the Czech Republic on 11th of June, 2016. The band will be onstage at 20:45 at Msgre Sramek Square, Ostrava town centre
- Info-Phone: + 420 776 116 440
- Web address promoter:
- Pre-Sale / Contact:

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8th April 2016

Great news - the download version of Dave's solo piano album 'The Remembering' is now available to purchase at

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5th April 2016

Tickets are now on sale for the Dave Bainbridge and Sally Minnear 'Iona Music and More' concert at the Megacentre, Rayleigh in Essex on 2nd July. This is a brilliant, small theatre venue and we're really looking forward to returning after last year's great concert there. Hope some of you can make it along.

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2nd April 2016

Dave here! Honoured to be part of such a great gig line up at Folk in the Barn - support live music and get along to some of these great gigs if you're in the Canterbury area!

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29th March 2016

Hi everyone - Dave here! Tickets are now on sale for the Dave Bainbridge and Sally Minnear 'An Evening of Iona Music and More' gig on 1st July in Barham, near Canterbury. See and follow the ticket link and please share with anyone you think might like to come along!

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27th March 2016

Matthew 12.21
"Jesus Christ.. He is the HOPE of the nations."
Romans 15.13
" may God of hope fill your hearts with joy and peace so that you may overflow with hope in the power of the Holy Spirit..."
Jo wishing you a hope filled Easter on behalf of Iona.

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15th March 2016

Hi Everyone,
Dave here! Please check out my new website! This is not intended to replace the other Iona / Dave Bainbridge sites, but to work in tandem, and be somewhere I can easily and quickly update things myself. This is also the place to find out more about the Celestial Fire band and the Dave & Sally duo. Have a look and please join the mailing list if you're not already receiving updates from us.

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14th March 2016

First review of Dave's solo piano album The Remembering has just been published! See

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13th March 2016

Exciting news: Dave's cds for his new solo piano album 'The Remembering' have arrived at the Open Sky Records office. Includes piano versions of two Iona tracks. Get your copy from Iona website.

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17th February 2016

Anyone who hasn't visited the Iona website recently and has missed any of our news items, we're happy to say that the News Feed which went down last June (thanks to Facebook changing how it worked), is now active again. All of the entries from now right back to then are there, so have a look in case you've missed any of the photos/videos/info we've been posting.

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8th February 2016

Dave here! I'll be in practice mode over the next 3 or 4 days, for the Dave and Sally 'Iona music and More' gig on Friday (hope some of you can make it along - details below!).

Meanwhile - the artwork for my solo piano album 'The Remembering' is almost finished and then the album will be going to the manufacturers - so the release is getting close! You can pre-order it at

Dave Bainbridge & Sally Minnear - 'An Evening of Iona music and more...'.
Friday 12th February, 2016
St John's Church
Farncombe, GU7 3EJ, UK
Doors: 19:00
Price: £14.00 adv, £17.00 on door
Tickets & further info from
01483 421520

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1st February 2016

Coming up very soon - Friday, February 12th in Farncombe near Guildford, UK, 'An Evening of Iona music and More', with Iona co-founder Dave Bainbridge and Sally Minnear. Tickets available now! Hope some of you can make it along.

Friday 12th February, 2016
St John's Church
Farncombe, GU7 3EJ, UK
Doors: 19:00
Price: £14.00 adv, £17.00 on door
Tickets & further info from
01483 421520

Here are some comments from previous Dave and Sally gigs:

"Thank you Dave and Sally for a brilliant gig in Rayleigh last night. Your guitar playing is a wonder to behold and the guitar tone sounds amazing. Sally sung beautifully and did the songs proud."

“We can't remember a more enjoyable concert - wow what two gifted musicians!!!"

“Thank you very much for a beautiful evening and your exquisite music rare cherished sounds of heaven on earth.”

“I'm not sure I have the words to say how much I enjoyed every moment - Sally (what a voice!) and Dave were a joy to work with and absolutely fantastic throughout. As for the gig one word - Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!”

“A real touch and taste of heaven – gorgeous sounds under blue skies in a stunning, friendly and intimate setting. All four of us found it a truly memorable and refreshing oasis in busy times. We're smiling just thinking about it!”

"Dave Bainbridge and Sally Minnear were amazing tonight, thank you for coming down and sharing your talent with us."

"A fantastic evening listening ( & dancing) to Dave Bainbridge & Sally Minnear at Llanelidan…"

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9th January 2016

Dave's new solo piano album 'The Remembering' has been mastered and long term Iona engineer/mixer Nigel Palmer has done a brilliant job, bringing real clarity to the sound and tying the mixes together to create an involving, engaging listening experience. Thanks Nigel!

Now we could really do with some more pre-sales to finish off the artwork and pay for the manufacturing so we can get it out there asap! If you're thinking of getting it, pre-ordering really helps as we have no record company backing - thanks! (btw there will also be a download version available when the cd is released).

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4th January 2016

Dave here! Just over a month before the next 'Iona Music and More...' Dave Bainbridge & Sally Minnear gig - hope some of you can make it along! (please share poster with anyone you think might like to come along!). We'll be playing some Iona favourites plus, er...more!

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3rd January 2016

Jo again!! How could I forget to add in Franks photo !!! Just not Iona without the fabulous Frank 😄 .... And then there was the cave session too !!

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4th January 2016

Jo here just sharing a few musical highlights and memories from 2015. Iona in Germany and a house concert in Virginia for me ( duet with Katie Boyd !).

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2nd January 2016

Dave here. As well as wishing everyone a (slightly belated!) happy new year, here's a reminder that you can pre-order my new solo piano album "The Remembering' now at
The more pre-orders we get in the quicker we can get the album out! (btw it should say 2016 on there).
Check out the link to hear extracts from all the tracks.

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27th December 2015

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Christmas!

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25th December 2015

IONA WEBSITE PROBLEM SOLVED NOW - SITE IS ONLINE AGAIN - thanks to our great webmaster Tim Ostendorf!

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21st December 2015

It appears the Iona website is down! - anyone wanting to pre-order the new Dave Bainbridge piano album on the Iona webstore please try again later when hopefully the problem will be fixed.

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21st February 2016

EMANUEL .... God with us
So much turmoil and chaos in the global context, and truthfully, few of us escape a degree of personal chaos, some of it beyond our control....and some of it self-inflicted. Thankfully, We have Emanuel, Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever..( Hebrews 13:8)......the constant in my chaos)
Here's a demo recording with Gwyneth Reid on cello of a new song. Maybe one for future band recording /performance.
This is Jo on behalf of Iona, Wishing you a peaceful and blessed Christmas.

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16th December 2015

Great news! Thanks to our brilliant webmaster Tim Ostendorf, my new solo piano album 'The Remembering' is now available to pre-order from the Iona webstore! Go to
where you can check out samples of all the tracks. Pre-ordering will help us to pay for the cd mastering/manufacturing and artwork completion. We hope to have it available early spring or sooner if we can! - Dave

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28th January 2016

Can you believe it's almost Christmas again! -

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6th December 2015

Come along and hear Iona music and more! Please forward to anyone you think might like to come along. It's a great venue - should be a great night! (Dave)

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5th December 2015

The special album offers still available at !!

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