Album: Veil of Gossamer

More Details > Veil of Gossamer In Stock by Dave Bainbridge Released in 2004 CD: £15.25 'Airy, heavenly, emotional, rocky, spiritual; these are all words that can apply to the new solo album by Iona's Dave Bainbridge...... a work of much beauty.... and one that will make those hairs stand on the back of your neck now and then...... The ethereal meets the rocky perfectly as angel- like voices and the traditional link to explosions of electric guitar and percussion.' Martin Hudson - Classic Rock Society Mag May/June 2004 The long awaited solo album by the co-founder. Featured guests include Joanne Hogg, Mae McKenna, Rachael Jones, Troy Donockley, Frank Van Essen etc. PERSONNEL:
Dave Bainbridge - Keyboards, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Balafon, 15 String Harp, Star Bells, Bongos, Hand Drum, Indian Tambourine, Shakers, Finger Cymbals
Mae McKenna - Vocals (wordless, Gaelic)
Rachel Jones - Vocals (wordless, whispered)
Joanne Hogg - Vocals (wordless, ethereal, Spanish)
Chris Hale - Improvised Vocals (wordless, Urdu)
Troy Donockley - Uillean Pipes, Tin Whistles, Low Whistles, Vocals
Tim Harries - Bass Guitar
Frank Van Essen - Drums, Percussion, Violin, Bodhran, Bells
Peter Fairclough - Cymbal Sculptures, Gongs, Wind Chimes, Cymbals.
Nick Beggs - Bass Guitar, Fretless Bass
Peter Whitfield - Violins, Violas
William Schofield - Solo Cello

PRODUCED BY: Dave Bainbridge



1   Chanting Waves 2:17  
2   Over The Waters 7:29  
3   Veil Of Gossamer 4:55  
4   Seen And Unseen 2:18  
5   Everlasting Hills - Pt. 1 5:36  
6   Everlasting Hills - Pt. 2 2:34  
7   Everlasting Hills - Pt. 3a 1:57  
8   Everlasting Hills - Pt. 3b 1:57  
9   Everlasting Hills - Pt. 4 2:54  
10   Everlasting Hills - Pt. 5 4:36  
11   Seahouses 3:06  
12   Until The Tide Turns 4:29  
13   Homeward Race 5:25  
14   Star Filled Skies - Pt. 1 3:39  
15   Star Filled Skies - Pt. 2 2:40  
16   Star Filled Skies - Pt. 3 3:46  
17   Star Filled Skies - Pt. 4 4:41  
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Veil of Gossamer photoshoot / 2004 Veil of Gossamer photoshoot / 2004 Veil of Gossamer photoshoot / 2004
Photos by Chris Sands
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Dave starts 'Veil of Gossamer' 2002 December Dave starts work on 'Veil of Gossamer', his first solo album. Frank van Essen and wife Marlou release a Dutch language Christmas album of traditio...
'Veil of Gosamer' Released 2004 March Dave completes work on 'Veil of Gosamer' with mix engineer Calum Malcolm up in Scotland June Veil of Gossamer, Dave's first solo album is released and...