Band News

19th August 2021

Hi Everyone, Hope some of you can make it to se us at this fabulous venue on Thursday and support the return of LIVE MUSIC! We'll be playing a number of classic Iona tunes plus lots more!

5th May 2021

Dave & Sally have a gig!!!! A few more to be announced soon!

6th April 2021


18th February 2021

IT’S THE PSALM 119 session 4 🎶🎻🎹

13th February 2021

PSALM 119. Session 3.
Thanks so much to those of you who’ve messaged. I love hearing from folk scattered across the globe! So good to connect in this way. I hope you enjoy the music but even more , are encouraged to read and meditate on the words of this amazing psalm.

6th February 2021

PSALM 119. Session 2
If you’re on my mailing list or have subscribed to my YouTube channel, you might have seen this. If not, here’s the late night Psalm 119 session 2.

20th March 2021

Working on new music with Dave Bainbridge!

29th January 2021

This is the first in a series of musical
meditations on Psalm 119 with violinist Natasha Petrovic 😁🎻

17th January 2021

Hi Everyone, Dave here. Great progress on my forthcoming solo album this past week, which features Iona alumni Frank van Essen and Troy Donockley. Keep up to date on progress by signing up to my mailing list at

18th January 2021

I know..... it’s been ages since I posted anything 😳.
Here’s wishing all of you God’s peace and hope in 2021.

11th September 2020

Dave will be including some Iona material and a couple of things from the new Book of Iona box set!

28th August 2020

Sally Minnear and Dave Bainbridge will be performing 3 Iona songs on Saturday at this great online festival!

28th August 2020

Expect a number of Iona tunes in Dave's solo set on 12th September!

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