Period: 1994-1995

History: 1994-1995

February '94   /  UK Tour & US Magazine UK tour, including the band's first ever gigs in Scotland.

Journalist Thom Grainger flies from the USA especially to spend time with the band to write an article for the US magazine, CCM ().

March '94   /  Holland TV Concert TV concert in Holland for E.O. TV (attended by about 1400 people).
Writing sessions in Ireland.

April '94   /  'Treasure' Charts In US Two tracks are featured on a compilation cassette issued by the 'British Progressive Rock Journal'; 'Final Journey' and 'Treasure' (single edit).

The US single version of 'Treasure' goes in at numbers 8 and 14 respectively in two of America's Christian music charts.

May '94   /  BBC Broadcasts First broadcast of 'Snowdonia - Realm of the Raven', the Natural World series on BBC2 which features specially commissioned music by .

The band perform two songs 'live' on the BBC1 TV programme 'Heart and Soul'. UK tour including successful gig at The Grand Theatre in Clapham with Eden Burning.

June '94   /  First US Appearance Appearance at Glastonbury Festival on the Avalon Stage. The band's first visit to the USA appearing at Cornerstone Festival.
July '94   /  Festival for 25K People The band appear at Creation festival in the USA in front of 25,000 people.
August '94 Writing sessions in Ireland with Joanne. Thanks to a distribution link with Permanent Records, 'Beyond These Shores' becomes the first album available nationwide in Our Price stores.
September '94   /  UK Tour / Nick Beggs Resigns UK tour (the band's most extensive to date). The band is supported by singer/songwriter Iain Archer from Ireland.

Nick Beggs resigns from the band. Nick's departure leaves a difficult hole to fill. Amazingly Tim Harries is free to do the whole of the UK tour. He learns the whole set with only two days rehearsal and jettisons all his music by the second gig!

Mike Haughton is unable to make the last few gigs on the UK tour or the German/Dutch tour due to landing a place in the Cliff Richard band. His place is admirably filled by Mike Parlett (who has previously played with Take That, Gabrielle and Yazz among others). The addition of Mike's expertise on percussion and wind synthesiser is an added bonus as is his ability to get the audience clapping in 9/8 time!

The band play a short one off acoustic set at the 'In the City' event in Manchester. Andy Coughlan - session bass player and member of the Mal Pope band - fills in.

October '94   /  UK Tour / First Gigs in Ireland UK tour continues, including the band's first gigs in Ireland. Maire Brennan (from Clannad) comes to the Dublin show.
November '94   /  German/Dutch Tour German/Dutch tour (the band's first). Unfortunately Tim Harries is unavailable due to prior commitments with Steeleye Span so the bass spot on the tour is filled by Luca Genta. Luca is an Italian multi-instrumentalist living in Holland. Dave Bainbridge toured with Luca in a stage production of a musical presentation called 'The Passion' by Adrian Snell back in 1990.

Luca does a great job learning the set and also contributes whistle and recorder on a few tracks.

History by Album:
Iona  ('90)
The Book Of Kells  ('92)
Beyond These Shores  ('93)
Journey Into The Morn  ('96)
Heaven's Bright Sun  ('97)
Woven Cord  ('99)
Open Sky  ('00)
The River Flows: Anthology Vol. 1  ('02)
Songs for Luca  ('03)
Veil of Gossamer  ('04)
Iona  ('04)
The Circling Hour  ('06)
Live In London  ('06)
Songs for Luca 2  ('07)
Live In London  ('08)
Life Journey  ('09)
Raphael's Journey  ('10)
Another Realm  ('11)