Album: Life Journey

Band History

May '09   /  Life Journey Review The band play together live for the first time in 18 months at the Heaven on Earth event in Holland, a set which includes two new songs written by Joanne ('The Ancient Wells' and 'Let Your Glory Fall'). Due to other commitments Troy is unable to make the gig but his place is filled by pipes and whistle player Martin Nolan from Dublin.

There are three more album releases this month that are of interest to followers of and related music:

THE MADNESS OF CROWDS - TROY DONOCKLEY The latest epic release from a man who needs no introduction! With amazing fold out artwork from Tim Martindale that defies the normally accepted restrictions of the cd box, this is Troy's third and most ambitious solo album to date. Here's what Simon Jones has to say about it in his Froots Magazine review;

"Troy Donockley is idiosyncratic, a true one off, somebody who doesn't follow the rules, a benign musical rebel who enriches whatever he touches with a certain class and unmistakable individuality. "The Madness of Crowds," is pretty well unique." Simon Jones fRoots.

Life Journey - Dave Bainbridge & DAVID FITZGERALD IONA's - co-founders reunite once again for another inspirational soundtrack to a book, taking up where 'The Eye of the Eagle' left off back in 1998. in the words of Cross Rhythms reviewer Lins Honeyman:

"Dave Bainbridge and David Fitzgerald have teamed up to produce a stunning new album of instrumental emotive and deeply spiritual album....A captivating and passionate release."

Cathedral of Dreams - NICK FLETCHER The first release on Open Sky of an album by and artist not directly relate to the band, Dave just felt that Nick's incredible guitar skills and beautiful compositions needed to be heard by a wider audience. Featuring 'Iberian Fantasy', a 24 minute long Guitar Concerto co-written and orchestrated by Dave and Nick, fans of the acoustic guitar playing of guitarists such as Steve Hackett, Steve Howe, Andrew Yorke and Carlo Domeniconi will love Nick's beautiful playing. In the words of Dave Taylor of :

"Classical guitarist Nick Fletcher is a rare talent, a gifted guitarist with a unique style that mixes urgency with deep contemplation. His album Cathedral of Dreams is a beautiful album of original solo guitar compositions. Fletcher's nimble fingers coax both beautiful melodies and breathtaking riffs....The four part epic finale, Iberian Fantasy for Guitar and Orchestra, features spontaneous duets between Nick and producer Dave Bainbridge on keyboards, augmented by flute and timpani. All four parts are lovely, and really highlight Fletcher's talent as an improviser. Instrumental albums are often a mood setter or relegated to background music. Cathedral of Dreams is a mood elevator that will continually draw itself into the foreground. You cannot help but engage with Nick Fletcher's beautifully haunting technique and melodies."

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