Album: The River Flows: Anthology Vol. 1

Band History

August '02   /  'The River Flows' Box Set Released Release of the bands first recording on own label ''. 'The River Flows' boxset is attracting very positive feedback from fans.

have been back on the road with a number of dates in Europe and the UK.

September '09   /  The River Flows Sold Out return from 4 excellent gigs - especially the ones in Germany and Belgium, which see a new unity, joy and excitement within the band. Incredibly celebrating the 20th anniversary of this year, the set includes some songs that have not been performed live for a long time, such as 'The Island', 'Divine Presence' and 'A Million Stars'. An opening improvisation, featuring Frank on violin and Dave on Keys developed into a glorious full band sound as Dave switched to electric guitar, setting the scene for a very special evening of inspired music. 'Hinba' from the Open Sky album was played live for the very first time along with powerful new songs 'The Ancient Wells' and 'Let Your Glory Fall'.

Piper Martin Nolan's presence was apparent on a great set of silp jigs (Goodmans set - which featured Iona's trademark pipes and electric guitar unison sound) and also on two beautiful slow airs 'Taimse Im Chodladh' and 'Air from France'. After problems with laryngitis at the band's appearance in May at Heaven on Earth in Holland, Joanne's voice on these gigs is crystal clear and has never sounded better. The band are now really looking forward to the two concerts in Holland next month. More concerts are being planned for 2010 and recording is scheduled to commence on a new studio album later this year.

There are some excellent photos from the recent gigs at and at

This month we also hear from distributors Authentic Media that stock of the box set 'The River Flows' is now exhausted and that they won't be manufacturing any more. The box set was intended as a limited edition release and now all 8,500 or so copies have been sold. The River Flows box set was a landmark release for - the first on the bands own '' label (in conjunction with Alliance Music Records). It received tremendous praise from critics - in no small part due to Chris Sands' stunning and evocative artwork contained within its 60 page booklet. Cross Rhythms Magazine wrote: "In the years ahead this box set will be the benchmark against which all other Christian music reissues and returns-to-the-archives will be measured." So hang on to your copy!!

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The River Flows: Anthology Vol. 1  ('02)
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