Album: Woven Cord

Band History

May '99   /  'Woven Chord' with the All Souls Orchestra May sees the new line-up and the first gig since the sabbatical. The 'Woven Chord' concert is performed in London with the All Souls Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall.
June '99 - November '99   /  Studio Time / 'Woven Cord' Mixed A very busy time in the studio. Soon after the succesful 'Woven Cord' concert with the All Soul's Orchestra, work begins on piecing together material from the concert for the 'Woven Cord' album. Pic shows Nigel Palmer backstage recording the Festival Hall concert (May 1999).

After a few months of editing, mixing takes place with Calum Malcolm at Castle studio near Edinburgh in August. Meanwhile, writing of material for what is to become the 'Open Sky' album is happening concurrently.

October '99 - March '00   /  'Woven Cord' Released The 'Woven Cord' album is released on the Alliance label. Forefront in the US delay release until March of the following year.
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