Fan Quotes

Recent gig feedback from 2011:

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for a Wonderful, superb, foot-stomping/shaking, Spiritually-moving, and just plain Brilliant Gig - at the Brook in Southampton on Sunday night [15 May].... Good Luck for the rest of the Tour - and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, come back to the Brook or at least down near this way again soon, or in the near future! "
"Really enjoyed the gig at The Brook on Sunday - the first time I have seen you live, though my other half has thoroughly introduced me to you on CD... The evening was awesome and at points sublime. Thank you"
"Fantastic gig in Bath last night... the new material is stunning. But boy what is Joanne on ? her voice is the strongest I think I have ever heard it... just sensational"
"Excellent concert last night in Bath - it was so good to see you guys live again. The fusing of pipes and guitar was as awesome as ever - you guys really are amazing musicians. Can't wait for the new album to be available, I'm waiting with baited breath. Do tour again soon."
"I was utterly elevated during the show, some parts were aboslutely more than magic to me and I wanted to say thank you for creating such a brilliant and inviting piece of music and songs."
"IONA is beautiful : its lyrics and enchantement can capture all kinds of audience and can give lots of positive emotions and make people feel the true inside of each human being by simply being touched by its music. Each of you captured everyone's attention and may I say everyone's heart."
"Awesome gig at the forum last night guys.. feel blessed to have witnessed such an awesome experience... thank you for an amazing time... come play again .. and soon!!. lovely to chat to you after the gig!... best gig I have EVER been to and I have been to hundreds.. our king was indeed with us.. dancing with us!!!.. cant wait for the album.. and more t shirts please!!!!!.. thank you guys!!!!"
"Great gig in Bath tonight; many thanks to all concerned (including Yvonne and multi instrumentalist husband). Perhaps especial congratulations to Martin whose really found his place in the band now - tremendous performance."
"Loved the concert last night at Bush Hall. Band tighter, seem to have a new energy about them, especially with Martin more fully integrated. Tracks from the new album are brilliant, particularly the epic piece."
"Fantastic gig at The Brook last night! Thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening and there was a real 'freshness' about the band. Great new material, can't wait for the new CD. The band is better than ever!!"
"Brilliant gig at the Brook. Particularly liked White Horse and old favourite Edge Of The World. Jo's voice is just beautiful!Loved all the banter; it all added to make the evening, not to mention the superb support."
"Iona, at Bath Forum, Sat 14th May was anything but more of the 'same old same old'. There was something fresh, something new about the experience of listening to the music. The sense of God's presence during new track 'Ruach', and the impact of 'White Horse', also from forthcoming new album Another Realm, were tracks that fans afterwards noted as special moments. The musicianship, as ever, was top class and relative newcomer Martin on pipes and whistles was so relaxed you could believe he'd been in the band as long as Jo & Dave. For me, a 5/5 experience. Can't wait for the album, to come out."
"The atmosphere was like being back in that Big Top at Greenbelt - and if it's possible, the band was better!"
"Amazing gig at the Brook last night, Can't wair for the new album. It was an intimate venue with fantastic music and a really good support too! Thank You"
"Stunning gig at The Brook last night. Look forward to hearing the new album!"
"Brilliant gig at The Brook tonight. Hope you come back soon."
"Really enjoyed the Bath gig. The new music was excellent and, like others here, I'm now very much looking forward to the new album's release..... last night's performance by the band was the best I can remember and I loved the relaxed and informal atmosphere. I hope you will come back to the area next time you tour."
"Oh, and just a quick nod to Yvonne Lyon. Great voice and lovely songs. My wife bought a CD on the strength of that short support set."
".... new pipes and whistles player Martin Nolan is an able replacement for Troy Donockley. In particular I liked his duelling pipes antics with Dave Bainbridge and his perching on the PA."
"The Brook was superb. 3 new people were stunned. I would have liked more guitar solos, Dave"
"The Milton Keynes gig was fantastic! I've been coming to see you guys since your first album and the music never gets old no matter how many times you hear it. The new tracks were great - very much looking forward to the new album. Ruach in particular was very moving."
"Wow|| Went to the gig at The Brook last night and must say, what a gig, even the support from Yvonne Lyon was awesome.... I must congratulate you all in putting on a very memorable concert. I last saw you in Central Hall in Southampton may years ago, and since then, have been a big fan. Just cannot understand why you are not selling out these gigs. It looked like you were all enjoying yourselves on stage last night. Can't wait to hear the new album."
"Thank you for the wonderful music yesterday!!! It was a special time. Though I love you since 1998, it was my first time at the concert"
"Thank you guys for an amazing evening"
"Just got back from the London gig. One word. Awesome. Loved the new material, particularly Another Realm. The last time I saw you guys live was at the (as it was then) Nynex Arena in Manchester for the Alliance music festival back in 1996(?). This was so much more intimate and all the more powerful for it. Please come back to London soon, and next time play Revelation ;-)"
"If you get a chance to hear Iona, go as it's excellent:)"
"Great gig last night Guys & great support from Yvonnel"
"Thanks for an awesome gig at The Stables, guys. You create a very sacred atmosphere. Last saw you 15 years ago. Won't leave it so long again!"
"Finally, I just wanted to say your music has been and remains very inspiring, comforting, and uplifting and very close to my heart. It has helped me through some dark times, especially when my Parents passed away."
"Show at the Stables was fantastic. Thank you so much for 21 years of incredible music."
"The Bath gig was awesome, informal, fun, intimate and loads more - thank you. Eagerly waiting for the arrival of the new album. God bless you all mightily."
"At the Brooke Southampton, wonderful music backed by a pure Spirit. Rare to have the two together. Amazed that I knew they existed but never heard them. They have all the influences of bands I have loved and the focus on a God that I love. Brilliant, not easy to keep something like this for 20 odd years."