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B orn in Perivale, London in 1970, I first wanted to learn to play drums. However, after watching Mark King (Level 42), I soon dropped the idea of drums and decided to learn bass. I was really into Genesis and It Bites in my teens, but no one in my area was playing that kind of 'muso' stuff, so I had to settle for playing in Goth bands (in one band the singer wore make-up and women's underwear on stage!).

In 1988, I began playing in Jazz Funk bands. I thought "now's my chance" and, with Status Bass in hand and Trace-Elliot amp, I began slapping and popping uncontrollably for about 2 years (one band I played with at that time was called 'Pigs in the Parlour').

In 1991, I joined the Saltmine Band (Christian) which later became Funky Beehive. After 18 months of bad jokes, no money and packing up at midnight in the rain in Reading, my Christian charity had depleted.

In 1993, I began working with Sal Solo of Classix Nouveau, spending a lot of time touring America and Europe. At that time I learnt some valuable lessons on how to be a good Catholic, how to shave your head, and how not to eat food with dead animals in it. Sal always insisted that the band was paid cash (local currency) after every gig which is a rare and excellent thing. I also recorded 2 albums with Sal Solo.

In 1994, I met producer Andy Piercy and began working on various projects with him and session guitarist Dave Clifton. It was also at this time that I met my long time sparring partner and pal Terl Bryant and we began working as a rythmn section both live and on recordings together.

In August 95 I'd been depping for session ace Phil Spalding (Robbie Williams, Seal, Mick Jagger, Mike Oldfield) in the band 'Chief Seattle'. Terl asked me if I could fill in for an gig at the Borderline, London, standing in for Tim Harries (who had replaced Nick Beggs). I was not at all familiar with Iona's music. Terl's advice was not to play anything FUNKY because Dave would hate me. I had to learn about 20 songs for the gig as the set list hadn't been finalised (no change there!). Listening over and over to the songs I realised just how intricate and well thought out they were. The gig must have gone pretty well because Simon (the manager of the band at the time) told me "well done, anyone would have thought you'd been in the band for years". A few months later, and I was on tour with the band for what was the most influential time. The album 'Journey Into The Morn' was released, and was very busy with the longest UK and US tours ever. We all got on famously, especially after we nearly got killed on the road twice in 2 days!

In 1997 I took over the job permanently from Tim and we (Iona) recorded the live double album 'Heavens Bright Sun'.

I count Dave, Troy, Terl, Jo and Frank as some of my most valued friends.

As well as working with Iona, I have also had the privilege of working with the following:

Faith Hill, Robin Mark, Matt Redman, Don Moen, Paul Wilbur, Andy Piercy, Eoghan Heaslip, Dave Clifton, Geraldine Latty, Chris Eaton, Barry & Batya Segal, Kim Hill, The Woodthieves, Caroline Bonnet, Paul Mills, Chris Norton, Tim Hughes, Noel Richards, Ricky Valance, Paul Field, The New Scottish Orchestra, oh and Paul Naylor.

I have played on at least 60 albums so here is short selected Discography (sorry to anyone I haven't mentioned, please don't take it personally).

I live in Surrey with my wife Claire and our children, Francesca and Madeleine. I do not have my own studio, but I am currently working on my solo project, brewing beer in the understairs cupboard!
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26th April 2016

MAP project!!
Jo here at Lingfield Suite, Kingston upon Thames.

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18th April 2016

And here's an A5 leaflet for the forthcoming Dave & Sally 'Iona Music and More' gigs - please forward to anyone you think might like to come along. Hope some of you can make it too!

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17th April 2016

Here's an A5 leaflet for the September Celestial Fire gigs, featuring Dave and Frank from Iona. Please forward to anyone you think might like to come! We're still hoping to add a gig in the north-west if we can find a venue/promoter - anyone have any ideas?! We'll be including some rarely played Iona tracks in the set! (BTW thanks to Rowena K Davies, Craig Walker and Ray Tyler for you nice comments which we've used on the leaflet!

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8th April 2016

Just confirmed IONA will be doing their first gig for over a year, at a festival in Ostrava in the Czech Republic on 11th of June, 2016. The band will be onstage at 20:45 at Msgre Sramek Square, Ostrava town centre
- Info-Phone: + 420 776 116 440
- Web address promoter:
- Pre-Sale / Contact:

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8th April 2016

Great news - the download version of Dave's solo piano album 'The Remembering' is now available to purchase at

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5th April 2016

Tickets are now on sale for the Dave Bainbridge and Sally Minnear 'Iona Music and More' concert at the Megacentre, Rayleigh in Essex on 2nd July. This is a brilliant, small theatre venue and we're really looking forward to returning after last year's great concert there. Hope some of you can make it along.

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2nd April 2016

Dave here! Honoured to be part of such a great gig line up at Folk in the Barn - support live music and get along to some of these great gigs if you're in the Canterbury area!

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29th March 2016

Hi everyone - Dave here! Tickets are now on sale for the Dave Bainbridge and Sally Minnear 'An Evening of Iona Music and More' gig on 1st July in Barham, near Canterbury. See and follow the ticket link and please share with anyone you think might like to come along!

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27th March 2016

Matthew 12.21
"Jesus Christ.. He is the HOPE of the nations."
Romans 15.13
" may God of hope fill your hearts with joy and peace so that you may overflow with hope in the power of the Holy Spirit..."
Jo wishing you a hope filled Easter on behalf of Iona.

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15th March 2016

Hi Everyone,
Dave here! Please check out my new website! This is not intended to replace the other Iona / Dave Bainbridge sites, but to work in tandem, and be somewhere I can easily and quickly update things myself. This is also the place to find out more about the Celestial Fire band and the Dave & Sally duo. Have a look and please join the mailing list if you're not already receiving updates from us.

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14th March 2016

First review of Dave's solo piano album The Remembering has just been published! See

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13th March 2016

Exciting news: Dave's cds for his new solo piano album 'The Remembering' have arrived at the Open Sky Records office. Includes piano versions of two Iona tracks. Get your copy from Iona website.

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17th February 2016

Anyone who hasn't visited the Iona website recently and has missed any of our news items, we're happy to say that the News Feed which went down last June (thanks to Facebook changing how it worked), is now active again. All of the entries from now right back to then are there, so have a look in case you've missed any of the photos/videos/info we've been posting.

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8th February 2016

Dave here! I'll be in practice mode over the next 3 or 4 days, for the Dave and Sally 'Iona music and More' gig on Friday (hope some of you can make it along - details below!).

Meanwhile - the artwork for my solo piano album 'The Remembering' is almost finished and then the album will be going to the manufacturers - so the release is getting close! You can pre-order it at

Dave Bainbridge & Sally Minnear - 'An Evening of Iona music and more...'.
Friday 12th February, 2016
St John's Church
Farncombe, GU7 3EJ, UK
Doors: 19:00
Price: £14.00 adv, £17.00 on door
Tickets & further info from
01483 421520

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1st February 2016

Coming up very soon - Friday, February 12th in Farncombe near Guildford, UK, 'An Evening of Iona music and More', with Iona co-founder Dave Bainbridge and Sally Minnear. Tickets available now! Hope some of you can make it along.

Friday 12th February, 2016
St John's Church
Farncombe, GU7 3EJ, UK
Doors: 19:00
Price: £14.00 adv, £17.00 on door
Tickets & further info from
01483 421520

Here are some comments from previous Dave and Sally gigs:

"Thank you Dave and Sally for a brilliant gig in Rayleigh last night. Your guitar playing is a wonder to behold and the guitar tone sounds amazing. Sally sung beautifully and did the songs proud."

“We can't remember a more enjoyable concert - wow what two gifted musicians!!!"

“Thank you very much for a beautiful evening and your exquisite music rare cherished sounds of heaven on earth.”

“I'm not sure I have the words to say how much I enjoyed every moment - Sally (what a voice!) and Dave were a joy to work with and absolutely fantastic throughout. As for the gig one word - Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!”

“A real touch and taste of heaven – gorgeous sounds under blue skies in a stunning, friendly and intimate setting. All four of us found it a truly memorable and refreshing oasis in busy times. We're smiling just thinking about it!”

"Dave Bainbridge and Sally Minnear were amazing tonight, thank you for coming down and sharing your talent with us."

"A fantastic evening listening ( & dancing) to Dave Bainbridge & Sally Minnear at Llanelidan…"

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9th January 2016

Dave's new solo piano album 'The Remembering' has been mastered and long term Iona engineer/mixer Nigel Palmer has done a brilliant job, bringing real clarity to the sound and tying the mixes together to create an involving, engaging listening experience. Thanks Nigel!

Now we could really do with some more pre-sales to finish off the artwork and pay for the manufacturing so we can get it out there asap! If you're thinking of getting it, pre-ordering really helps as we have no record company backing - thanks! (btw there will also be a download version available when the cd is released).

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4th January 2016

Dave here! Just over a month before the next 'Iona Music and More...' Dave Bainbridge & Sally Minnear gig - hope some of you can make it along! (please share poster with anyone you think might like to come along!). We'll be playing some Iona favourites plus, er...more!

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3rd January 2016

Jo again!! How could I forget to add in Franks photo !!! Just not Iona without the fabulous Frank 😄 .... And then there was the cave session too !!

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4th January 2016

Jo here just sharing a few musical highlights and memories from 2015. Iona in Germany and a house concert in Virginia for me ( duet with Katie Boyd !).

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2nd January 2016

Dave here. As well as wishing everyone a (slightly belated!) happy new year, here's a reminder that you can pre-order my new solo piano album "The Remembering' now at
The more pre-orders we get in the quicker we can get the album out! (btw it should say 2016 on there).
Check out the link to hear extracts from all the tracks.

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27th December 2015

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Christmas!

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25th December 2015

IONA WEBSITE PROBLEM SOLVED NOW - SITE IS ONLINE AGAIN - thanks to our great webmaster Tim Ostendorf!

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21st December 2015

It appears the Iona website is down! - anyone wanting to pre-order the new Dave Bainbridge piano album on the Iona webstore please try again later when hopefully the problem will be fixed.

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21st February 2016

EMANUEL .... God with us
So much turmoil and chaos in the global context, and truthfully, few of us escape a degree of personal chaos, some of it beyond our control....and some of it self-inflicted. Thankfully, We have Emanuel, Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever..( Hebrews 13:8)......the constant in my chaos)
Here's a demo recording with Gwyneth Reid on cello of a new song. Maybe one for future band recording /performance.
This is Jo on behalf of Iona, Wishing you a peaceful and blessed Christmas.

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16th December 2015

Great news! Thanks to our brilliant webmaster Tim Ostendorf, my new solo piano album 'The Remembering' is now available to pre-order from the Iona webstore! Go to
where you can check out samples of all the tracks. Pre-ordering will help us to pay for the cd mastering/manufacturing and artwork completion. We hope to have it available early spring or sooner if we can! - Dave

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28th January 2016

Can you believe it's almost Christmas again! -

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6th December 2015

Come along and hear Iona music and more! Please forward to anyone you think might like to come along. It's a great venue - should be a great night! (Dave)

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5th December 2015

The special album offers still available at !!

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4th December 2015

Hi everyone, Dave here! Just confirmed! Another duo date with Sally Minnear on our Evening of Iona Music and More tour. Hope some of you can make it along!

Tickets now on sale online:
Dave Bainbridge & Sally Minnear - An Evening of Iona music and More....on Fri 12th Feb, 2016
at Farncombe St John's Church (near Guildford, Surrey, UK)
Doors: 19:00
Price: £14.00

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3rd December 2015

Yesterday I meant to write a post and attach a photo..... Instead , I posted a photo and attached a caption! I'm still not an expert with devices. So here's the post.....
Psalm 139: 7-10
" Is there anywhere God I could be separated from Your Spirit, or lost from Your presence? If I ride out on the wings of the morning, into the highest heavens or the deepest depths, out upon the ocean waves or the remotest lands.....You are there and I am never hidden from Your sight...."
Emmanuel...God with us.

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