Album: Raphael's Journey

More Details > Raphael's Journey Not Available by Joanne Hogg & Frank van Essen Released in 2010 CD: Not Available Download*: £7.99 *available in raw AIF & MP3 formats After being available as a download only for some time, we are delighted to now have in stock this great album on CD. 'The voice of Iona', Joanne's latest, beautiful album produced by Frank Van Essen features gorgeous string arrangements by Frank and guest appearances from all members of plus Clannad vocalist Moya Brennan.

"This deserves, begs an impending release, as a 'MAJOR' release, worldwide!!! Thank you so, so much Joanne and Frank - Superb!"

"Another beautifully crafted collection of magical and mystical songs by Joanne Hogg. The depth, range and resonance of Jo's voice on this album cannot fail to uplift and inspire. guaranteed to heal and soothe the most world weary soul."

"I loved this cd the moment it began...deeply moving lyrics, faith affirming, and excellent musicianship."
Joanne Hogg - piano, vocals
Frank Van Essen - drums, percussion, violin, viola, backing vocals, keyboards & programming
Dave Bainbridge - keyboards, acoustic guitars & bouzouki
Troy Donockley - whistles & uilleann pipes
Phil Barker - bass
Jan-Peter Beijersbergen - electric guitars
Gwyneth McBride - cello
Luca Genta - cello on 3

Moya Brennan - vocals on 2,4,6,9,11
Tre Shepherd - vocals on 1

PRODUCED BY: Frank Van Essen


1   The River 4:28 £0.79  
2   Lullaby in Colour 5:17 £0.79  
3   Into Your Dreams 4:20 £0.79  
4   Round Me Falls the Night 4:45 £0.79  
5   Raphael's Journey 4:51 £0.79  
6   Life's Winterdays 5:18 £0.79  
7   Walking on Troubled Water 4:47 £0.79  
8   Song from the Womb 3:00 £0.79  
9   Life is Precious 4:32 Lyrics £0.79  
10   Sweet Dreams 3:20 £0.79  
11   Dance of the Unborn 2:51 £0.79  
12   Home to You 4:01 £0.79  
13   Saviour 3:56 £0.79  
14   You Will I Love 3:53 £0.79  
Album Photo Gallery
Jo at her Yamaha C7 grand piano working on songs with Frank that would eventually become the 'Raphael's Journey' album. / 2006
Photos by Dave Bainbridge
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