Album: Another Realm

Band History

January '10   /  Writing and Recording New Album / Martin Joins After the successful gigs in the autumn, the band are pleased to announce that Martin has joined on a permanent basis and look forward to his contribution on the new album and on forthcoming gigs.

In the meantime our old friend Troy is going to be having a very busy year with The Bad Shepherds and other artists and has recently had some of his great music played by a symphony orchestra over in the USA in a project for hi-fi manufacturers Bose.

The band announce that they will be undertaking their first USA tour for many years in June. With appearances already booked at Near Fest (19th June) and Cornerstone Festival (30th June), USA booking agent Kathy Bunker is currently working on filling the space in between with a number of other gigs.

The band also announce a run of UK dates scheduled for May.

January to May - Writing and recording on the new album continues between January and May at various locations in England, Ireland and The Netherlands and continues after the USA trip.

Towards the end 2009 Dave does several other interviews for various websites and magazines which are now published:

Dave talks about the re-release of Iona's 'Journey Into The Morn', his collaboration with Nick Fletcher on 'Cathedral of Dreams' and all things .

Dave talks about all things Iona

iO Pages Magazine (Holland) A two page in depth interview on a range of subjects (in Dutch of course!)

Dave talks in depth about his life in music.

March '10   /  Recording in the Netherlands The whole band assemble at His Master's Noise Studio in The Netherlands to continue working on the new album. In a very productive week a new song is also completed and recorded. It is fun to be able add instant updates on the album on the band's Facebook page as the week progresses.
April '10   /  Studio Session Cancelled The band's next studio session together in The Netherlands is cancelled due to the ash cloud coming over from Iceland! Flights to The Netherlands are cancelled, which causes a major delay in work on the album due to everyone's busy schedules and the upcoming USA tour.
October '10 - March '11   /  Recording Continues Recording continues on the new album with sessions at Dave's and at Frank's studios. It becomes clear that there is more material than will fit onto one CD - but leaving off much of it doesn't seem like an option. The band weigh up whether to release the album in two stages or as a double CD release.
January '11 - February '11   /  Album Sessions Further album sessions
February '11   /  Pre-Album Mix Dave does a pre-album release mix of 'Let Your Glory Fall' for the compilation album CPR4 (Christian Progressive Rock 4) which is due for release in May.
March '11   /  Another Realm Pre-Orders Pre-orders for the new studio album 'Another Realm' start to be taken and the album running order is announced along with the fact that it will be the band's first 2 cd studio album, with approximately 95 minutes on new music! Dave mixes the new album at his Open Sky studio during March and April.
April '11   /  Netherlands Gigs / Artwork Complete After several days rehearsals at Frank's studio the band play 3 great gigs in The Netherlands, introducing more material from the new album. The gigs include a joint gig with popular Dutch band 'Trinity' and an appearance at the iO Pages 100th issue Anniversary Festival.

Tim Martindale completes the artwork for the new album, which includes a stunning 24 page booklet.

May '11   /  Album Mixing Complete Dave completes the album mix and the album is mastered on the Scottish Isle of Skye by Denis Blackham.

Four UK gigs see the band in fine form returning to venues / towns they've not played for many years to hugely appreciative audiences. Attendances are a bit disappointing but after so long with only the occasional UK gig, due to lack of a dedicated UK booking agent, the band realise that re-establishing themselves on the UK gig circuit will take a while. They are looking forward to working with new UK agent JJ to this end. The new tracks are going down really well, which is very encouraging. Supporting the band on all the current UK dates is brilliant singer songwriter Yvonne Lyon from Scotland and her husband DL.

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