Album: Cathedral of Dreams

More Details > Cathedral of Dreams In Stock by Nick Fletcher Released in 2009 CD: £15.25 We would like to introduce you to the music of Nick Fletcher with this, our latest release on . Nick is an incredibly talented guitarist, improviser and composer of music for solo guitar and we are thrilled to have this release included in the Open Sky / Voiceprint catalogue. As well as being a first cd release of Nick's own solo guitar compositions, the album will be of huge interest to fans of as it features Nick playing 'Iberian Fantasy', a 24 minute long Guitar Concerto co-written and orchestrated by IONA's Dave Bainbridge and Nick himself. Those of you who bought our 'Songs for Luca 2' double cd release will already have heard Nick's beautiful playing on two tracks on that album - 'Silver Moon' and Red Sun'. The music spans a wide range of influences from the Baroque era to Iberian, Argentine and Brazilian dance forms. Also rhythms from Eastern Europe and traditional music from the Hebredian Isles. PERSONNEL:
Nick Fletcher - classical guitar
Dave Bainbridge - keyboard orchestrations
Gabriel Alonso - tympani & cymbals
Andrea Alonso - flute

PRODUCED BY: Dave Bainbridge



1   Brasilia 2:32  
2   Song of the Orphan 2:52  
3   Dark Waters, Part 1: The Lake / Part 2: Tributaries 6:55  
4   Evensong 4:22  
5   Cornucopia 3:34  
6   Veil of Tears 4:11  
7   A Higher Path (Fantasia No. 2) 3:14  
8   Sirocco 3:30  
9   Cathedral of Dreams 3:54  
10   Visage 3:52  
11   Evesham Vale 2:44  
12   Duende 4:15  
13   Mysterioso 6:02  
14   Recuerdos 6:02  
15   Appasionata 7:42  
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