Album: Songs for Luca

More Details > Songs for Luca In Stock by Various Artists Released in 2003 CD: £15.25 26 tracks in all, of which 10 are previously unreleased (these including an epic version of 'Matthew the Man - live in Tokyo 2001' and 'Beijing - widescreen remix' from and other unreleased tracks from Dave Bainbridge, Bainbridge & Fitzgerald ('live' in Norwich Cathedral - 1998), The Flower Kings, Frank Van Essen, Nick Beggs and Debbie Bainbridge - some of these especially written for Luca). PRODUCED BY: Dave Bainbridge

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'Songs for Luca' Begins 2003 January Dave works on putting together the Songs for Luca album, including remixing the Iona track 'Beijing' from the first album and sourcing a great live ve...