Period: 2006-2007

History: 2006-2007

April '07   /  Concert at Caverns in Cornwall On the 29th the band (again with Martin Neal standing in for Frank) play their first ever gig in a cave (!) in the spectacular surroundings of Carnglaze Caverns in Cornwall, England. (see )
May '07   /  Iona Music Featured A play called "Forgiven", staged in South Eastern Connecticut features some of Iona's music
September '07   /  UK Tour Tour dates in the UK
October '07   /  Breaking of the Dawn Released 'Breaking of the Dawn', by Nick Fletcher and Dave Bainbridge is released on the Kingsway label. Commissioned by Kingsway label, the CD is an album of contemporary hymns written by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend which Dave co-arranged, produced and recorded with Nick at Open Sky Studio. With quite an feel in places, this album is very much a hidden gem which sadly received little publicity on its release. The album features some great playing by several guests, including co-founder David Fitzgerald and mixes instrumental tracks with vocal songs, which feature the wonderfully emotive voice of Scottish singer Yvonne Lyon. It later becomes one of Cross Rhythms top 20 albums of 2007 and album of the week on UCB radio. (NB It should still be available through various outlets on the internet).

Jo sings one of the songs off her forthcoming album 'Rafael's Journey' on a BBC Ireland TV programme.

November '07   /  Songs for Luca 2 Released Songs for Luca 2 double album is released on Open Sky / Voiceprint. At c2hrs 20mins long and containing 25 exclusive tracks (out of 30 in total) the album is tremendous value for money. Contributors include: Moya Brennan, Joanne Hogg, IONA, Phil Keaggy, Troy Donockley, Mostly Autumn, Martyn Joseph and many many more, along with some intriguing collaborations. Where else will you hear Heather Findlay from Mostly Autumn, Roine Stolt from the Flower Kings and Nick Beggs from Kajagoogoo all guesting on a newly recorded version of Iona's song 'Journey Into The Morn', or Dave Bainbridge and Phil Keaggy playing together?

All proceeds go towards helping Dave & Debbie's autistic son, Luca continue on his Son-Rise Programme (Autism Center of America). Luca has been doing his Son-Rise programme at home for 5 years now and has made amazing progress; the proceeds of the album enable Dave & Debbie to continue working with Luca in this way and pay for the essential support services that Son-Rise offer.

The band say a fond farewell to Angela Wright who has been handling all the merchandise orders and newsletter postings for a long long time now. She is moving onto pastures new, training to be a music teacher. In her place we welcome Heather who deals with all the cd / dvd orders for the next 2 years.

'The Lost Princess', a short silent (apart from the music!) film that Dave wrote and recorded the score for is premiered at the National Media Museum in Bradford. This film, plus another short film Dave wrote the score for called 'Wilfred' are now both available to view at

December '07   /  Holland Worship Conference Jo and Dave join Frank and Marlou (Frank's wife) and Italian multi intrumentalist Luca Genta (who toured with in 1994) to play the worship music at a conference in Holland. There is a real sense of freedom in the music and everyone especially enjoys improvising freely together.

Troy and Dave get together for a very enjoyable one off duo gig at Newbury Arts Centre (UK), along with The Mandolinquents.

History by Album:
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The Book Of Kells  ('92)
Beyond These Shores  ('93)
Journey Into The Morn  ('96)
Heaven's Bright Sun  ('97)
Woven Cord  ('99)
Open Sky  ('00)
The River Flows: Anthology Vol. 1  ('02)
Songs for Luca  ('03)
Veil of Gossamer  ('04)
Iona  ('04)
The Circling Hour  ('06)
Live In London  ('06)
Songs for Luca 2  ('07)
Live In London  ('08)
Life Journey  ('09)
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Another Realm  ('11)