Band History

April '96   /  'Journey into the Morn' Released in Canada EMI release 'Journey Into The Morn' in Canada.
May '96   /  UK & Germany Gigs Gigs in the UK and one in Germany. Live broadcast for BBC Radio Scotland. Filming for 'Songs of Praise' in Avoca (TV's Ballykissangel) in Ireland - on a cold and very rainy day! Jo and Dave interviewed for 'The Rock that Rolled Away' for ITV.
June '96   /  'Journey into the Morn' Released in Japan 'Journey Into The Morn' is released in Japan by Pony Canyon.
July '96   /  First US & Canada Tour Our first tour in the USA and Canada.
Support Runrig at Killyleigh Castle in Ireland.

August '96   /  Festivals Festivals in Holland and the UK.
September '96 - October '96   /  'Journey into the Morn' Tops 50K Alliance inform us that 'Journey' has sold over 49,000 copies. That takes the total sold (including copies through 3Cord) to approx 52,000 up to September. German tour. Good attendances (including 900 in Bonn - 800 in Braunschweig). Very well received by the press - except for one reviewer who described us as sounding like 'Pink Floyd played on a Bontempi organ'!! We were a bit suspicious when he referred in his review to a song we hadn't even played on the whole tour!

Stand in bass player Tony Stipetic does a great job despite playing 5 gigs with a broken finger - which occurred playing football! Play in front of 7,000 at the Alliance Festival at the Nynex Arena in Manchester. We are pleased at the response of the 'younger than our usual' audience and that the day (which was a huge step of faith to put on) was a success for Alliance.

November '96   /  'Journey into the Morn' No. 21 'Journey' enters number 21 in Germany's National World Music charts.
December '96   /  Best Female Vocalist (again!) NSPCC charity shows. Joanne wins the Classic Rock Society's award for Best Female Vocalist (for the second time in 3 years). It is presented to her backstage at the 'Leeds Irish Centre' by Martin Hudson from the society. Live Album recording dates - the initial 'red light' syndrome (everyone standing motionless in silence as the wind whistles round) - is soon overcome as some great performances are put on tape. Thanks for your support on the gigs! Hear that 'Q' Magazine have voted 'Journey' as one of their top 50 albums for 1996.
January '98   /  'Journey into the Morn' Top 50 'Q' Magazine vote 'Journey Into The Morn' as one of their top 50 albums for 1996 and one of their top 5 folk albums. 'Heaven's Bright Sun' album mixed at the singer Fish's Millennium Studio near Edinburgh. UK tour starts in London.
January '98 - January '99   /  Iona Takes Sabbatical take a one year sabbatical to concentrate on solo projects and re-assess things for the future. During this period Terl Bryant leaves the band to concentrate on Psalm Drummers and other touring and recording work, and Mike Haughton leaves to concentrate on other projects and work with Cliff Richard. Frank Van Essen rejoins the band.
History by Album:
Iona  ('90)
The Book Of Kells  ('92)
Beyond These Shores  ('93)
Journey Into The Morn  ('96)
Heaven's Bright Sun  ('97)
Woven Cord  ('99)
Open Sky  ('00)
The River Flows: Anthology Vol. 1  ('02)
Songs for Luca  ('03)
Veil of Gossamer  ('04)
Iona  ('04)
The Circling Hour  ('06)
Live In London  ('06)
Songs for Luca 2  ('07)
Live In London  ('08)
Life Journey  ('09)
Raphael's Journey  ('10)
Another Realm  ('11)