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In this section you can find info on all the Iona CD and DVD releases, and many of the great solo and collaborative projects by the band members. Albums are presented in chronological order starting with the most recent. Click on a cover or 'More Details' for photos, audio samples, lyrics, reviews, and much more.

More Details > Veil of Gossamer In Stock by Dave Bainbridge Released in 2004 CD: £15.25 'Airy, heavenly, emotional, rocky, spiritual; these are all words that can apply to the new solo album by Iona's Dave Bainbridge...... a work of much beauty.... and one that will make those hairs stand on the back of your neck now and then...... The ...
More Details > Iona Not Available by Iona Released in 2004
DVD: Not Available Now available on DVD, this rare 1990 film of the band includes footage from one of their first ever concerts, and the band in rehearsal and on location on the island of Iona. (Running time approx 30 mins)