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In this section you can find info on all the Iona CD and DVD releases, and many of the great solo and collaborative projects by the band members. Albums are presented in chronological order starting with the most recent. Click on a cover or 'More Details' for photos, audio samples, lyrics, reviews, and much more.

More Details > When Worlds Collide In Stock by Troy Donockley & Dave Bainbridge Released in 2006 CD: £14.50 With five live tracks and five studio tracks, this album captures the essence of Troy and Dave's live duo set and the breadth of their musical vision. Intimate acoustic tracks sit alongside the atmospheric and epic soundscapes that are their trademar...
More Details > From Silence Not Available by Troy Donockley & Dave Bainbridge Released in 2005
DVD: Not Available Atmospheric film of the duo's completely improvised performance in Lincoln Cathedral in October 2004, exactly as it happened, also including insightful interviews.
More Details > From Silence In Stock by Troy Donockley & Dave Bainbridge Released in 2005 CD: £15.25 A live recording of the Troy and Dave's completely improvised Lincoln Cathedral performance of 27th October 2004. Captured in binaural stereo it is a stunning, organic recording which really captures the ambience of the cathedral and an amazing invol...