Album: The Circling Hour

More Details > The Circling Hour Not Available by Iona Released in 2006
CD: Not Available The long awaited follow up to 'Open Sky' receiving great reviews from around the world. PERSONNEL:
Joanne Hogg - Lead and backing vocals, choir chorus, keyboards
Dave Bainbridge - Electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, bouzouki, choir voices, hammond organ, wind chimes, high-strung acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, piano, e-bow guitars
Troy Donockley - Uillean Pipes, low & high whistles, tofran, bouzouki, vocals, choir voices, e-bow guitar, slide guitar
Frank Van Essen - Drums, bodhran, shaker, violin, choir voices, darabukkas, finger cymbals, tambourine, djembe, drum pads, tom toms, violas
Phil Barker - Bass guitar

Heather Findlay - Vocals (on Fragments of a Fiery Sun)

PRODUCED BY: Dave Bainbridge



1   Empyrean Dawn 7:49 Lyrics  
2   Children of Time 5:33 Lyrics  
3   Strength 5:59 Lyrics  
4   Wind off the Lake 11:02 Lyrics  
5   Factory of Magnificent Souls 5:02 Lyrics  
6   Sky Maps 6:39 Lyrics  
7   No Fear in Love 5:59 Lyrics  
8   Wind, Water & Fire - Wind 3:30 Lyrics  
9   Wind, Water & Fire - Water 3:00 Lyrics  
10   Wind, Water & Fire - Fire 7:14  
11   Fragments of a Fiery Sun 2:45 Lyrics  
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Writing for New Album 2005 March Jo and Dave get together to continue writing for the next Iona studio album. A short feature film on the Lindisfarne Gospels aired as part of the prog...
New Album Tracks 2005 October Quite a bit of work is done on the new studio album, with most of the drum tracks and vocals being completed in Dave and Frank's respective home studi...
New Album Recording 2006 January Recording continues on the new Iona album at Dave's Open Sky Studio (and in February). Dave mixes two new pieces of music for use with the menu ani...
The Circling Hour Completed 2006 March Recording is completed on 'The Circling Hour'. Dave flies to Los Angeles to work with John Kellogg (who has worked on 5.1 surround sound mixes for Chi...
The Circling Hour Mixed 2006 July Dave and Troy fly to Los Angeles for a week to oversee the final stages of 'The Circling hour' mix with John Kellogg. Jo and Frank work together on...
The Circling Hour Released 2006 September 'The Circling Hour' Iona's first all new studio album since 2000's 'Open Sky' is finally released. The album contains a full 65 minutes of new Iona m...
Germany Special & The Circling Hour Publicity 2007 January The year started on a positive note with a one hour IONA-Special on new years day on Radio Ems-Vechte-Welle ( which broadcasts...
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