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"Heart" from Life Journey
by Dave Bainbridge & David Fitzgerald
Released in 2009 Track: 12 / Time: 6:02
When we recorded the first half of this piece, David and I really wanted to express the first half of the verse on page 155 ('A pain deeply buried / deep cries out to deep / He knows the emptiness / cracked, torn and buried etc'). Hence the stark nature of the opening section.

In order to counter this I felt that the second half of the piece had to be not just comforting, but totally transcendent, as Holy Spirit comes to fill the emptiness, but not only that, but to totally surprise and overwhelm us with His electric Presence (as the dove so dominates the picture). I wanted the chord progression and the guitar to soar ever higher, just as the rainbow does in the picture - up to infinity. As Bill Johnson has said - 'if God comes into the room and you're still alive then he must like you'! I see the ultimate aim of this book and music as being to bring people into God's wonderful Presence. In that place you cannot help but be changed.

The ever evolving and unpredictable chord progression also expresses to me vulnerability - we are not on familiar ground, we open ourselves up to whatever God has in store for us - we have to get outside of our comfort zones and rely totally on him. And yet, to me at least, there is something very inspirational about the second half of this piece. I wasn't so much thinking about the 'do not let your heart be troubled' line as the 'Do not be afraid' line. We enter uncharted territory and yet we can do so with confidence because the God who made the whole universe and holds the whole world in his hand is with us. I think that the piece has to have this transcendent theme.

The other phrase that really struck me is on page 116 - 'The dove is like freedom'. It's ironic that the most peaceful people I know are the ones who've given God everything and have taken the biggest risks. That's true freedom. I love the fact that in Mary's amazing picture, the Holy Spirit (dove) is bursting out of the frame that threatens to trap Him. That's how I felt the music had to be.
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