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"Tree" from Life Journey
by Dave Bainbridge & David Fitzgerald
Released in 2009 Track: 10 / Time: 8:43
Another track that started with David improvising on the flute and me joining in with a string orchestra sound. We had about 15 or 20 minutes of improvisations - loads of great stuff. I looked for all the bits that I thought would give me themes that I could develop into a mini flute concerto, working the orchestral textures around the flute. This track just seemed to grow and grow!

Again there is so much in the artwork! It is so easy to see the flaws in others. But when we look with the eyes of Jesus, the eyes of love, we find what is good in others, we see their potential, we see what could be.

This piece is a yearning to see reconcilliation and as it progresses it gradually moves towards a joyful dance of unification. As Jesus stands with his hands towards us in Mary's picture, it is as though He is beckoning us to come towards Him, for our greatest need is first to be reconcilled with Him, to be restored to our true destiny.
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