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"Magnificat" from Life Journey
by Dave Bainbridge & David Fitzgerald
Released in 2009 Track: 5 / Time: 5:42
The first thing that struck me about Mary's illustration was the long interweaving strands rising from the praying figure 'like incense smoke....prayers coming from all parts of the body'. I wanted to reflect this musically and came up with the repeating, echoed, ascending piano figure. David then broke out his Indian flutes and came up with the little, hypnotic, repeated melodic figure.

The Indian flutes inspired me to find an energetic tabla loop, as we felt that the words 'My spirit rejoices in God' were key to this piece. In the final mix the tabla loop is less featured than it originally was, but other rhythmic elements are introduced, such as David's rhythmic bass Indian flute figures. It is significant that Jesus was able to endure the agony of the cross because of 'the joy set before him' (Hebrews 12v2). There must be an incredible amount of joy in Heaven!

The two part Reel after the brief floating middle section seemed like a great way to express this joyful release.

The end floating section again features the piano, but this time playing descending figures. As we pray and enter into God's amazing presence, there comes a point when the dialogue is not just going upwards, but is also coming back to us, as the Father speaks to our spirit and brings His peace and revelation.
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