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"Light Eternal" from Life Journey
by Dave Bainbridge & David Fitzgerald
Released in 2009 Track: 3 / Time: 5:25
Mary's multilayered illustration is just astounding and it's possible see so many things in it. I felt that this piece needed to reflect the simplicity of belief, the gentle sensitivity of the Holy Spirit dove but also the awe inspiring power of a God who can call into being a universe of unimaginable vastness and complexity. The thought that God's glory can reside in us is truly humbling.

We began this piece by improvising using David's tin whistle (a great sound to suggest the purity of the Spirit) and the same keyboard pad sound I used on the opening track. I then worked on creating the big layers of guitars for the huge middle section. There are several references once again to place - the use of the Northumbrian pipes sound in the middle section and the playful interaction of the tin whistle and the birds (recorded on Lindisfarne by Mark).

I love the sound of the sustained electric guitar in unison with the tin whistle on the last part of this piece (a sound combination which characterises several of the pieces on the album). It brings such an uplifting feeling of hope and joy to conclude the piece.
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