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"The Unknown Destination" from Life Journey
by Dave Bainbridge & David Fitzgerald
Released in 2009 Track: 1 / Time: 6:29
This is one of my favourite illustrations in the book, with its different, interwoven shades of blue (my favourite colour!) and green. I love the way Mary has constructed the cross with its earthiness and Celtic style swirls.

The use of the natural sounds of the gulls, the gently lapping waves and (in the background) the St Mary's church bell are all calls for us to begin our journey. To set sail, as St Brendan did, with no preconceptions as to where we will go, but to trust and follow the Lord our our hearts and lives on the incredible adventure that He has for us.

This was one of the first pieces we recorded for the project, David and I improvised together the flute and keyboard parts after first discussing what instruments might be appropriate and after praying and studying the illustrations and words of this opening chapter. I then went in and quickly overdubbed the acoustic guitar part, which, though not perfectly executed, caught the spirit of the moment.

The original improvisation lasted about 10 or 12 minutes which was a bit long, so I then edited it down a bit for the album. Mary insisted on having a copy of the original full length version that she could play for inspiration whilst working. Let's hope that inspires further creativity from her!

I love David's beautiful, optimistic opening flute melody, which I later take up on the guitar. We thought it would be a nice idea to have this melody recur later on, on the album. I wanted the piece to finish with an unresolved feeling hanging in the air, like stepping out into the unknown. As a Christian this is my daily call, for without faith we cannot please God (Hebrews 11v6).
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