Album: The Book Of Kells

More Details > The Book Of Kells Not Available by Iona Released in 1992
CD: Not Available "... 72 minutes of stunning music, quite unlike anything else you're likely to hear anytime soon." CCM Magazine, October 1992

"Book of Kells touches something elemental, resonating as few albums can. Allow it to touch you as well." CCM Magazine (USA), November 1992

"Finally, the most evocative release of all ... Iona's ethereal 'Book of Kells' ... unbelievable." Billboard (USA), December 1992
Joanne Hogg - Vocals, Keyboards
Dave Bainbridge - Keyboards, Guitar, Chimes
Nick Beggs - Chapman stick, Bass guitar, Small Cymbals
Terl Bryant - Drums, Percussion
Dave Fitzgerald - Saxophone, Flageolets, Flute, Piccolo, Chinese Flutes, Dizi, Suona

Frank Van Essen - Drums, Percussion, Violin
Troy Donockley - Uilleann pipes, Low Whistles
F Davidson - Celtic Harp
Peter Whitfield - Ensemble Violins, Viola
Kensington Temple Church congregation - Heavenly Hosts

PRODUCED BY: Dave Bainbridge

LABEL: What Records (Word)


1   Kells Opening Theme 4:18 Lyrics  
2   Revelation 4:38 Lyrics  
3   Matthew - The Man 11:54 Lyrics  
4   Chi-Rho 4:39 Lyrics  
5   Mark-The Lion 3:29  
6   The River Flows 5:01 Lyrics  
7   Luke-The Calf 4:03  
8   Virgin and Child 3:16  
9   Temptation 4:34  
10   The Arrest-Gethsemane 3:49  
11   Trinity-The Godhead 6:09  
12   John-The Eagle 4:15  
13   Kells 5:29  
14   Eternity-No Beginning No End 6:47  
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Nick Beggs, David Fitzgerald, Terl Bryant, Dave Bainbridge, Joanne Hogg / 1992
Photos by Teresa Wassif
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Writing Sessions 1990 December Further writing sessions. It becomes clear that we have material developing for two separate projects: songs which will eventually be used on 'Beyond ...
Book of Kells Recorded 1991 November Record 'Book of Kells' with the now regular line-up of David, Dave, Jo, Terl and Nick with guests including; Frank (drums/percussion/violin), Troy (lo...