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In this section you can find info on all the Iona CD and DVD releases, and many of the great solo and collaborative projects by the band members. Albums are presented in chronological order starting with the most recent. Click on a cover or 'More Details' for photos, audio samples, lyrics, reviews, and much more.

More Details > Treasures Not Available by Iona Released in 1996 Download: FREE! A collection of Iona's best work from their first 3 studio albums. FREE DOWNLOAD! Visit
More Details > Journey Into The Morn Not Available by Iona Released in 1996
CD: Not Available "Nobody should miss this journey into the wonderful Morning of Mornings." Bottomline Magazine (Holland), December 1995 "I'm no Christian, but then again I'm not a pagan either ... Iona are good ... the album washes over you, encircling you in it'...
More Details > Beyond These Shores Not Available by Iona Released in 1993
CD: Not Available "Their music seems to draw from the collective memories of an entire race of people - "Beyond These Shores" is all that and more. It is a modern day masterpiece." Billboard (USA), February 1994 "If you like seriously melodic, emotional, powerful ...
More Details > The Book Of Kells Not Available by Iona Released in 1992
CD: Not Available "... 72 minutes of stunning music, quite unlike anything else you're likely to hear anytime soon." CCM Magazine, October 1992 "Book of Kells touches something elemental, resonating as few albums can. Allow it to touch you as well." CCM Magazine (U...
More Details > Iona Not Available by Iona Released in 1990
CD: Not Available An outstanding fusion of folk/rock/jazz - those who enjoyed Van Morrison's performances with the Chieftans will love it." Southern Cross (Australia), June 1991 "Iona has created some of the most dramatically different music on today's music scene ......