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Organisations Frank's new website offering arranging, recording and performing services for strings.
SGO SGO music are Iona's publishers. - acoustic and electric guitar strings as used by Dave.
Profile Productions - Iona's European Booking Agency. - Voiceprint - Distributors of Iona's music (Mainstream outlets).
Lorica Marketing - site of Iona's web and publicity designer Paul Smith.
Lowland Masters - NIGEL PALMER - Great sound and mastering engineer who's worked on a number of Iona and related albums.
SKYEMASTERING - Denis Blackham, mastering engineer on several Open Sky Records

Related Artists

All Souls Orchestra :Yes, the very one on 'Woven Cord'
Aradhna: The group captures the beauty and dignity of india's bhajan devotional melodies with music that blends east and west.
Moya Brennan - Clannad vocalist and solo artist with several excellent solo albums (recent one features Troy Donockley)
Gentle Giant - One of the most adventurous 1970's progressive bands - a big formative influence on Dave and Troy.
Jeff Johnson - US Ambient keyboardist / vocalist / composer with several albums out based on Celtic themes
Karnataka - Karnataka (the band have now split up) - a great band from Wales featuring vocalist Rachael Jones, who guests on Dave Bainbridge's forthcoming solo album. Recently re-formed with a new lineup.
Phil Keaggy - World renowned U.S. guitarist.
The Flower Kings - Internationally known and acclaimed Swedish prog-rock band featuring the excellent Roine Stolt on guitar
Mae McKenna - Superb Scottish vocalist with several excellent Celtic influenced solo releases out. Mae guested on Dave Bainbridge's 'Veil of Gossamer' solo album.
Julie Tippets - Improvising vocalist with incredibly flexible and emotive voice.
Adrian Snell - Emotive singer songwriter whose work includes several large scale projects, one of which (Alpha and Omega) brought together Dave Bainbridge, David Fitzgerald and Joanne Hogg for the first time.
Rick Wakeman - Legendery keyboard player with Yes, and highly successful solo career.

Celtic Christian home of the Northumbria Community The site of the Community of Aidan & Hilda
The Iona Community website
celtic monasticism: Academic site exploring the background of celtic saints and monastic heritage.
Lindisfarne Scriptorium - Celtic Calligraphy, Artwork, Books and Music - Mail order & shop on Lindisfarne.

General Interest - maker of fine Uilleann Pipes (Troy says so!) - for those interested in the Chapman Stick - the instrument played by Nick Beggs - Fylde Guitars - Great Acoustic guitars / bouzoukis etc as played by Dave and Troy
HarpDepot - is a primary internet reseller of harmonicas and harmonica accessories, and a secondary internet reseller of other musical instruments and accessories. link file theme is everything music.
Warrior Basses - custom made bass guitars - as played by Phil
Fernandes Guitars - as played by Dave on the recent gigs this year
Gallien_Krueger bass amplifiers. Endorsed by Iona's bassman Phil Barker.
Manson guitars - the acousic guitar played by Dave on numerous IONA recordings
Make Poverty History

Related Music

Crossrhythms :Christian music, media & youth initiatives site. This site contains a history of Iona in German. Progressive rock radio show.
The Dividing Line Canadian / US prog radio where music fans come to discover artists typically not heard on conventional commercial radio. We are non-profit and commercial-free, with music playing 24 /7.
The musicalbox Argentina prog radio station.
Mellotronweb: Prog rock site Celestial Voices Haunting Ethereal Vocals site This excellent site actually has quite a few Iona guitar tabs. Check it out.
Christian Activities This site includes an article on Iona (2004)
Prog4You: Good progressive rock site. Features June 2004 review of 'Woven Cord'
Background - The site of the progressive Rock magazine 'Background', based in Holland - French progressive rock label. Distributes Iona albums in France. - home of the Classic Rock Society (publishers of an excellent monthly magazine excellent site with a great review of the boxset Folk and world music website. Site of dutch prog magazine iO pages. Dutch Prog Rock site .
Progressive Soundscapes Radio: Eclectic mix of music generally associated with the "progressive" or "art rock" genre.
Mostlypink All about progressive music, from Pink FLoyd, Mostly Autumn, Karnataka, Yes, Iona and many more!