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"Iona" from Iona
by Iona
Released in 1990 Track: 9 / Time: 3:43
This was the first song that Joanne wrote for the band. On the introduction to the live performance of the song on Iona's live album 'Heaven's Bright Sun', Joanne describes how she came to write the song. After receiving a postcard from Dave & David from the island of Iona, Joanne "....fell into a deep sleep. And I had a dream that I was on Iona. I'd never actually been there before, but the dream was so vivid, so real. I can remember still what it was like. I was walking through the lush grass, on the plains and I was looking out over the white sands, looking out to sea. And then it was as if I was somehow taken up above the island and was looking d own. And the island was cove red in mist - it was just swirling a round. And the mist started to clear and I could see the shape of a cross on the island - this was Iona."


Safe within these shores
I feel no conflict here
I feel my spirit soar
Within this sanctuary

Iona, Iona

There are no ghosts to haunt me
There is no blood upon this land
No power to make me fear
No hour of darkness here

Iona, Iona

All bathed in emerald
Out of the mist arise
I see the stones appear
A cross before my eyes

Iona, Iona, Iona
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