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"Bi-Se I Mo Shúil Part 1" from Journey Into The Morn
by Iona
Released in 1996 Track: 1 / Time: 2:06

Bi-se i mo shuil
A Ri mhor na nduil
Lion thusa mo bheatha
Mo cheadfai's mo stuaim
Bi thusa i m'aigne
Gach oiche's gach la
Im chodladh no im dhuiseacht
Lion me le do gra

Bi thusa mo threoru
I mbriathar is i mbeart
Fan thusa go deo liom is
Coinnigh me ceart
Glac curam mar athair
Is eist le mo ghui
Is tabhair domsa ait conai
Istigh i do chroi


Be my eyes, O king of creation
Fill my life with understanding
And patience
Will You be my mind every night
And every day
Sleeping or awake
Fill me with Your love

Will You be my guidance
In my words and actions
Stay with me forever
And keep me on the right path
As my Father take care of me
And listen to my prayers
And give me a place
To live inside Your heart)
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