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"Innocence Found" from Celestial Fire
by Dave Bainbridge
Released in 2014 Track: 6 / Time: 5:51

A story widely told in the oriental church was that when Adam and Eve rejected Wisdom and so lost Paradise, angels gave Adam three treasures to remember Eden; gold, frankincense and myrrh. So when the wise men brought these gifts to Jesus, it was symbolic of the restoration of all that had been lost.

When the angels brought the frankincense and myrrh,
The air was heavy with scent of Eden
And the gold they brought reflected heaven's throne
Blinding light, we could endure no more

On our way into a dark and hostile land
No lamp to guide, no path to find
Our hearts were filled with sorrow and pain,
For we knew what had been lost this day

The door to paradise was closed

Many years had passed, and memory had dimmed,
Still a story told of gifts angels gave
Yet no-one understood the meaning of it all
Until an Eastern Star brought kings... and gifts,
Gold and myrrh,
Scent of Eden,

Turned a crib into a throne,
All things are restored,
Heaven's gates are opened wide,
We never were forgotten,

Gift of grace,
Innocence found

Music & Lyric - Dave Bainbridge
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