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"Flight of the Wild Goose" from Iona
by Iona
Released in 1990 Track: 2 / Time: 6:00
This was actually the first IONA composition ever written. Dave Bainbridge started writing this soon after he and David Fitzgerald had first begun to think about the Iona project in the spring of 1989. The piece was completed during the weeks before Iona's (then consisting of just David & Dave) first gig which was at Thurston Upper School near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk on June 24th 1989. It was originally recorded on Dave & David's first demo tape, recorded at Neil Costello's studio in Derbyshire. The title wasn't decided until a few months later, in the run up to the recording of the first album. The "Wild Goose" is the Celtic symbol for the Holy Spirit.
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