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"The Fearless Ones" from Another Realm
by Iona
Released in 2011 Track: 7 / Time: 0

"Before the end an army will go forth, conquering evil with good. It will restore, not destroy. Loving others more than themselves, fearing none but God alone - the fearless ones. They will have no fear. They will love. Love is more powerful than fear, and their love will break the power of fear that has held mankind in bondage since the beginning. Because they have chosen to die to themselves daily, the fear of death has no power over them. They will know the One who was once dead, but is alive forever, and so will not fear death. For Love is the source of courage, in the end love will prevail".
Adapted from The Final Quest - Rick Joyner

NB: The two wind instruments Wytze Valkema played on this track are shofars - ancient instruments made from rams horns.

"Shofars were sounded preceding a war. They were used to rally the troops for action and to call the people together for prayer and repentance. The shofar is like an air raid siren that alerts us to danger and summons us to action. I believe that the shofar, used the right way, can be a powerful weapon in prophetic intercession. The sound that the shofar produces can cause a change in the spirit realm, which in turn changes our physical realm. Shofars are a gathering tool for worship and war. I have learned that a shofar brings a stirring and a settling all at once....I knew that the sound of the shofar had released the sound of heaven that displaced the evil intent. Since then, we have used the shofar from time to time to release a sound into the atmosphere. Just like in the declarations that we pray, the same power that is released when we declare is the same power that is released in sound. God's first language is not English, nor does he just use words to fulfill His will. That is the adventure of serving Him. Listen for His voice and be a releaser of the sounds of heaven!"
Beni Johnson (author & senior pastor Bethel Church, Redding, California)
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