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"Speak to Me" from Another Realm
by Iona
Released in 2011 Track: 2 / Time: 0

The beauty of the trees
The softness of the air
The fragrance of the grass
Speak to me

The summit of the mountain
The thunder of the sky
The rhythm of the sea
Speak to me

The faintness of the stars
The freshness of the morning
The dewdrops on the flower
Speak to me

The strength of fire
The trail of the sun
And the life that never
Goes away

They speak to me
And my heart soars
They speak to me

"If we have lost a love for creation, we cannot say we love its Creator. If we do not show respect for what the Father has in His house, we should not be surprised that we are not at home in His Presence, or in His world. Learn that God touches you through all of creation, that He offers Himself to you through His world. He is truly incarnate in His world."
David Adam - The Eye of the Eagle
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